Day 4

Having slept with the lovely Ezra for most of the night, my alarm woke me at eight am and I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed about 30 minutes later. The reason for the early start was an appointment Jenny had. After throwing a couple of coffee’s down my neck, we set off for the 30 minute walk into Stockport.

If at all possible (which it is, as I have experienced it – I am looking at you Berlin and Amsterdam February 2018!), it was colder today than yesterday, but we made it to the appointment in good time and warmed up. It went by fast and soon we were on our way back home (via the co-op) for some goodies) to warm up with some Greggs Vegan Sausage Rolls!

The verdict from Jen (a huge fan of the regular Greggs sausage rolls), is what most people have been saying. They taste a lot like the real thing, but have a different texture and the pastry is nicer and not as greasy, in fact she preferred them. So that is a Jen 10 out of 10! Well done Greggs!

After lunch we spent a couple of hours playing Sims4 some more. Jenito the Sim earned lots of money from her money tree, had a great Valentines Day, quit her job and became an actress. So I think that was a successful Sim day for her!

After a couple of hours, we decided we should brave the cold once more and take a wal, I have that 2019 km in 2019 to do after all! We had a lovely walk and a deep chat about the complexities of life before heading home to play some more Sims4 before it was time for me to return home.

On getting to Manchester Victoria, I missed my train by seconds and so treated myself to a hot chocolate with oat milk from Starbucks and checked out what their new vegan offering was. The only thing the had left that that time was their Vegan Winter Sandwich, so I grabbed one to try, and it was delicious.

Eventually it was time for my next train and I was back home with enough time to watch a couple of episodes of Cloak and Dagger before bed. Still really loving that series. It helps that it is set in New Orleans, a place pretty much at the top of my list of places I NEED to visit. If it is not teeming with vampires, witches and other mystical beings I am going to be very, very disappointed, I must admit.

I was exhausted by the time I got into bed, so I quickly wrote yesterday’s blog and read a few pages of Merrick before falling pretty much straight to sleep.

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