The Nicotine Test – Day 3

This one will be short and sweet, because basically I wanna play some Sims before I have to go to sleep!

I had a much better night’s sleep and woke up feeling good.

We took our dog, Bella to an enclosed dog park before it got too hot, she’s currently enjoying her first season so we cannot take her for walks where there may be frisky boy dogs around.

Came home and got a shower, before taking our cat, Dexter to the vets for a post-op checkup. I was able to shower, dry my hair and get dressed without taking rest breaks. Again, such a simple thing that most take for granted, but something I usually cannot do without taking breaks. Shower and wash hair – sit on bed for 10 minutes; dry my hair – usually having to take breaks to rest my arm – sit on bed for 10 minutes; get dressed. I waiting until after my shower to swap to a new patch.

Around 14:00 I started to feel the shortness of breath again, but not so bad as the day before.

I then took a walk into town (about 3 miles) to meet a friend and her daughter for dinner and a couple of drinks. Something I would never normally do on my last day off work even when in peak of health, but they are visiting from out of town so I wanted to make the effort. Once again, it is only as I am writing this that I realised how well how coped with the evening. A busy Friday night in a Wetherspoons would normally have caused fatigue and brain fog within an hour or so. I even stayed an hour longer than planned and cannot remember once struggling to focus. I started to walk home while waiting for my partner to make the drive into town to collect me. I felt capable of walking the whole way, but I had an early start the next day so didn’t really have the time.

I put a new patch on before bed. I had a little difficulty getting off to sleep and staying asleep again, but that is quite normal for the day before my first early turn back at work.

And that is another day. All seems positive so far with few side effects. I am still aware this may all be stimulation from the patches or a placebo effect and am braced for a crash when the 7 day trial is at an end.

Stay tuned for day 4.

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