The Great Northern America (East Coast) Adventure – Day One

Well here I am. 30000 feet in the air. TECHNOLOGY, HUH. (Well I was when I was writing this).

My adventure started when I set my alarm, but omitted to actually switch it on and so woke up two hours late. Which meant it was 14:75 when we finally loaded the car and set off. You guessed it, two hours late.

It was all going well, the sun was shining, the car was fully charged, the tunes were glad ones, until: we missed the turn off for the M1. Google will reroute us, we said, it will all be fine, we said. Oh yes, Google rerouted us. Yes she did. And defaulted to “avoid motorways” without our knowledge to boot, so off we trundled down the A1 all the way to our planned service station stop in Northants.

To make up for this very scenic route, we were treated the most amazing end of a rainbow/Bifrost. Judging by the weather that followed, this was definitely Thor come to visit.

We eventually made to to our scheduled charging spot at around the time we were meant to be at the hotel. excited to finally be at destination number one, at around the time we were meant to arrive at the hotel, we jumped out of the car, ready to charge the car and ourselves, only to find that the only charger there was not working. Instead we stretched our legs and refuelled ourselves.

Fortunately, we still had enough charge left to get us to our hotel, despite the two hour detour, always providing there were no more detours, of course.

We gave Google a stern talking to about the benefits of motorways on long journeys and set off on the final leg of our journey.

We made it to the hotel in one piece albeit tired, hungry and very grumpy. We have stayed at the Raddison Edwardian before for a convention and at the nearby Renaissance many times so we knew exactly where we were going for a very late dinner. First, to check in and finally charge the car. Check in went smooth, charging not so much. All the bays were full and some taken up with non-EVs.

This was most definitely the time to give up and head for the Pheasant for some well earned pints and an extraordinary amount of food!

And then, to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.

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