Coronapocalypse: Physical Distancing – Day 7

I wake up at 3am again. WTF body? I eventually get up, have coffee and reluctantly get ready for work.

The 5am walk to work appears to be even more busy than yesterday if possible. Maybe it is just that I am noticing people more. Even the sky looks apocalyptic today.

I have two asthma attacks in the space of 3 hours. The whole room appears to be coughing. Maybe I am just noticing it more.

I am diagnosed with asthma as a child. It is quite severe until the age of about 13 when it vanishes until I have a severe attack 13 years later. I do not know this is an asthma attack. I do not know what an asthma attack is and think I have never had one. Asthma attack sounds quite scary, something you are hospitalised over, something you may die from. At the age of 49, fast approaching 50, with a deadly virus that causes respiratory failure on the loose, I finally learn what an asthma attack is. I learn why I should be taking my preventer inhaler daily even when it is completely under control, managed and asymptomatic. I learn this yesterday. I have never taken this condition seriously. I am an idiot. I am an alive idiot.

I read the work advice on asthma. I fall somewhere in between, “you should self isolate for 12 weeks” and “you are fine and can continue to work”. I speak with the Inspector. She doesn’t know either, she asks if I feel fine to continue to work. I say yes. Between the asthma attacks, I feel perfectly fine. We discuss options and decide to await further government advice. My thoughts reel between “this is ridiculous, I am perfectly fit and healthy, I am able-bodied and not vulnerable, I have a moral obligation to continue to serve the public in this crisis”, and “OMG I MIGHT DIE IF I CATCH THIS!”

Outside beaches and public spaces are packed on this sunny and mild “general greeting card day”, there are appeals from rural villages for people to not visit, the National Trust closes parks and non-essential shops take the decision to close.

I finish work and Mr C drives me home. The roads are busier than yesterday if possible.

In his daily briefing, the BI reveals more about the 1.5 million people that have been identified as high risk due to ill-health and what the advice will be for them. Free food parcel services will be available for those at risk who are isolated and have no family or friends to help. When pressed the BI confirms that stricter measures will have to be put in place if the public do not adhere to advice,. Lockdown is coming.

I tinker a little with my site. I check Morrisons and Ocado for delivery availability. They are bot booked up to the end of the month and currently not opening any more slots.

I make dinner and we continue our DC TV catch up.

I receive an email from Asthma UK with more details around the advice. The advice for me (using my reliever inhaler more than 3 times a week – currently more than three times a day!) – is to contact my GP immediately and to work from home, if possible.

*Bimbling Idiot at Number 10

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