Day 7

Oops, skipped a few days. Nothing exciting happened anyway.

Day 7 though, Day 7 was also Day 1. Day 1 of Jason Vale’s Big Juice Challenge. I have chosen the Super Juice Me plan. Seven days of living on nothing but freshly extracted fruit and veg juices. A super nutritional hit designed to flush out the bad stuff and input the good stuff. A reboot for the whole body. Damn, do I need it.

Some madness inside me had decided it was an excellent idea to order my groceries for 7 am, so it was an early start for me. Never a good plan. Especially on the day when I decide to give up coffee after several months of increasing consumption just to get me through each day awake.

A whole load of veggies!

Delivery arrived safe and well, and I pondered going to the gym, then decided I would take it easy on this first day of shocking my system so much.

Unpacking all my lovely fruit and veg, I then set about making juices up for the day. The plan I am following has four juices a day, 2 “thick” smoothies and 2 green (or often red) juices, simplified so that you only need to make 2 lots of juice per day, and it starts with a ginger shot. Boom! Who needs coffee.

I spent far too much time on Microsoft Solitaire (came 14th in the event though – not bad I would say!), then spent a good few hours with my Sims (Cider and Phoenix are saving up for a new house with lots of help from their money tree, Phoenix is enjoying his new life as an actor, while Brandon is excelling at school and July is learning lots of toddler-y things!), and also got some reading in. I am loving Merrick so much, it is great to be amongst my vampire-ridden New Orleans with Louis du Point du Lac, and the Mayfair Witches once again. I’m not entirely sure if it is just that the writing is so much better (I really think it is though) than for Vittorio, or that it is just that I am back with the places and characters I have fallen in love with over the years, or a mixture of both, but whatever the reason I am really enjoying Merrick.

The withdrawal headache finally got so bad that I had to go back to bed a couple of hours, but I awoke refreshed and decided it was a fantastic time to get back to stripping some wallpaper. I got a fair amount done before my shoulder started to play up, so basically, it was back to playing Sims! I had just got them their lovely new house when Mr. C returned from a work’s dinner, which I was extremely grateful for as it meant I did not have to smell lovely warm cooked food while I sipped on my juice!

We watched the last few episodes of The Walking Dead to bring us up to date (we had started the evening before, we are, as ever, ridiculously behind with all our shows). Without giving anything away for anyone who is even more behind than me, if that is even possible, the show just got stupendously epic once again. It has moved several years into the future after one particularly pivotal episode and we are left wondering what the hell has happened during that time. Hopefully, much will be revealed when the show returns. WHEN IS THAT, DAMMIT! WHEN!

So much for an early night though!

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