Coronapocalypse: Social Distancing – Day 1

We knew it was coming, as cities around the world have taken various measures to try and contain the spread of Coronavirus, the Bimbling Idiot from Number 10 finally made it look like he was taking charge and announced that, starting today, there would be a daily press conference detailing the government’s measures for tackling the pandemic.

Monday’s announcement: the government advise social-distancing, everyone should avoid non-essential travel, theatres, bars, restaurants, gatherings, and work from home where possible. Anyone with symptoms (persistent cough, fever) should self-isolate for 14 days along with their whole household. A number of people at high risk will be contacted before the weekend and told to self-isolate for 12 weeks. One of my best friends and my parents will probably fall into this category, although at the moment, it does not seem clear exactly who this advice will apply to.

All these measures fall under “advice”. There are no enforceable bans. Half the country take this to mean it’s business as usual, the other half panic buy whatever is left on the supermarket shelves and self-isolate inside their toilet roll forts. Although I am sure they are out there, even if just for my own sanity, there appear to be very few people taking a rational middle ground.

I go to work as usual as I am a “keyworker” and there is no provision in my role for home working. Work sucks.  We’re asking every caller a series of questions now around Coronavrius, “have you returned from an holiday abroad in the last 14 days, do you have symptoms, are you self-isolating”,  we will be dealing with more and more things over the phone and have “Coronavirus kits” for attendance to those calls that are high risk.

Supervision do a survey of all staff to ask whether they are over 70, pregnant, or would be normally receive an annual flu jab. My (very mild – but apparently not for the last few days – asthma) means I reply yes to the last question but am sadly not sent home, and no one seems to really know why they need to know. A little research seems to uncover that this group will be advised to have “limited interaction”. Whatever that means. No 12 week isolation about this.

The only thing that keeps me going is listing to Caution on repeat!!

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