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Day 1

!st January 2019. One of my goals for this year has been to write more. Doesn’t matter what it is, just to get into a…

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Lone Mountain

Our second full day in Vegas and, after a good night’s sleep we both headed up to the rooftoop to admire our lovely nieghbourhood and…

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Red Rocks

Our first full day in our amazing Airbnb house in Summerlin, Las Vegas and we were unintentionally up early for sunrise.  Our house has a…

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Bradford Millenium Way Part 1

After what had been an incredibley difficult couple of weeks, both professionally and personally, being on the moors, corner of no and where was pretty…

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Norr Hill Hike

Lately, I have been enjoying discovering new hikes that take me further afield than my usual well trodden paths. In doing this I discovered the…

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Smoky Tofu Bolognese and Brownies

Today in @KickingMenopauseInTheOveries I wanted a quick meal, as it is my first day off from work.  I made Smoky Tofu Bolognese taken from January’s…

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A Walk to Goit Stock Falls

For the past 90 days I have been taking part in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.  It is a corporate challenge that takes you on…

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An Impromptu Trip to Edinburgh

Earlier this month I decided to make an impromptu trip to Edinburgh to visit a friend. Because it was impromptu, my choices on cheap travel…

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