Day 2

I definitely did not win today. For a start off I awoke to find that a single UK lottery ticket holder had scooped the EuroMillions jackpot yesterday and rather inconsiderately, it was not me. No hundred and 14 million euros for me and apparently I still need to work for a living and stuff.

I got up to find that my water bottle had leaked in my gym bag and my gym kit was soaking wet and also I had forgotten to check my phone was actually plugged in and charging before I left it to do that. (Hint: it wasn’t).

Two hours later, hungry and a little grumpy, I hit the gym. I got a stitch just walking there. I gave it my best shot at a run, but for some reason it just wasn’t happening, I was too hot and felt like I was running through mud, but I struggled on for the obligatory 20 minutes and decided I would walk for a while after that. Of course I hit the cool down button instead of just changing my speed.

The second of January! What is everyone else doing? Hitting the gym. Decideding not to push fate and try and jostle for space to lift some weights I headed to Sainsbury’s instead. I know what will cheer me up. Sainsbury’s will have some exciting new products for the start of Veganuary. I was right! They did! And everyone else had bought them already. Go vegans!

I got home, checked my emails, to find the first of what I assume will be many rejection letters. I was not the dream candidate for my dream job after all. Back to the drawing board.

There was really nothing left to do but give in to the day, have dinner and continue on with Cloak & Dagger. Nothing too exciting for dinner tonight (thanks vegans!), I made some Linda McCartney Mushroom and Spinach burgers (delish) and McCains salt and pepper chips (also delish), just to prove that I can be a junk food vegan from time to time too.

The day wasn’t a complete bust however, I did learn that you can add your own pictures to the backs of the cards on (my latest obsession) Windows Solitare and so… #mademyday

So there we have it, despite a huge failure of a day, I still didn’t raise a drop of alcohol to my lips and, as I shall now attempt to finish off Vittorio before bed, I will have continued to make progress towards several of my 2019 goals.


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